О породе / About breed

Джек Рассел терьер – прирожденный спортсмен, охотник и авантюрист.


Несмотря на достаточно скромные габариты, эти британские собаки обладают бесстрашием и отвагой.

Их первоначальным предназначением была охота на лис, барсуков и даже водяных крыс.


Эта подвижная собака стремится к приключениям и жизненной динамике при любых обстоятельствах.

Несмотря на свою охотничью специализацию и страсть к спорту, Джек Рассел терьеры любят домашний уют, и проводить время с хозяином.

Джек Рассел терьер – активная собака.  Это терьер и, как любому терьеру, этому псу нужны интересные занятия и активный образ жизни в целом.

К физическим нагрузкам и воспитанию Джек Рассела нужно приступать как можно раньше, чтобы гармонично сформировать его характер, систему поведения и психологию.

Они очень преданны и с радостью воспринимают сложные виды дрессировки.


Веселый живой темперамент, сообразительность, способность дружить с кошками и другими домашними животными, а также потрясающая адаптивность и неприхотливость позволяют

Джек Рассел терьерам быть одними из самых популярных собак в мире.

The Jack Russell Terrier is a cheerful, merry, devoted and loving dog. It is spirited and obedient, yet absolutely fearless.

Careful and amusing, he enjoys games and playing with toys. Stable Jacks are friendly and generally kind to children. Children should be taught not to tease or hit the dog. They are intelligent, and if you let them take an inch, they can become willful and determined to take a mile.


It is paramount that you are this dog’s pack leader. He needs to be given rules to follow, and limitations as to what he is and is not allowed to do. Do not let this little dog fall into Small Dog Syndrome, where he believes he is pack leader to all humans. This is where varying degrees of behavior problems will arise, including, but not limited to guarding, snapping, separation anxiety, and obsessive barking. They are highly trainable and able to perform impressive tricks.


They have been used on TV and in the movies. However, if you do not show authority toward the dog, it can be difficult to train. This breed needs a firm, experienced trainer. Jacks that have been allowed to take over can be aggressive with other dogs. Some have killed or been killed in dog fights. Be sure to socialize the Jack. It has strong hunting instincts (stronger than your average terrier) and should not be trusted with other small animals.

This hunting dog likes to chase, explore, bark and dig. Only let it off lead if it is well trained or in a safe area.


Will get restless and destructive if it does not receive enough exercise and activities to occupy its keen mind. Jack Russells climb, which means they can climb over a fence; they also jump. A Jack that stands 12 inches high can easily jump five feet. JRTs are not the breed for an inexperienced dog owner.

The owner needs to be as strong-willed as the dog is, or this little guy will take over. With the right owner the Jack can really excel, but is not recommended for those who do not understand what it means to be a dog’s true pack leader. Jacks that are mentally stable, with all of their canine instincts met, will not display these negative behaviors. They are not traits of the Jack Russell, but rather human brought-on behaviors, which are a result of inefficient leadership, along with a lack of mental and physical stimulation. They will thrive with a job to do. The Jack Russell Terrier must present a lively, active and alert appearance.


It should impress with its fearless and happy disposition. It should be remembered that the Jack Russell is a working terrier and should retain these instincts. Nervousness, cowardice or over-aggressiveness should be discouraged and it should always appear confident.